An event, workshops & wellness space in the heart of Cabarete

An event, workshops & wellness space in the heart of Cabarete

An event, workshops & wellness space in the heart of Cabarete

A professional event space by the beach

The Surfasana Lab is dedicated to the organization of private events, workshops and seminars in the fields of wellness, meditation and innovative work practices. Our goal is to support remote-workers, startups and digital professionals in their professional, spiritual and innovation development path.

Event organizers and attendees enjoy high bandwidth connectivity (100Mb/sec), video and streaming equipment and support within a versatile, quiet, secure and comfortable space. Regular classes in Yoga, Surfasana-yoga, and meditation for work are offered weekly upon reservation.

100Mb/s Bandwidth

Video & Streaming
Equipment and Support

Air Conditioned Spaces

Fully Equipped

Regular Yoga &
Meditation Classes

2 minutes from
the beach

Where flow works

The Surfasana Lab is an attempt to re-invent our work, intellectual and spiritual relationships with ourselves and to support remote-workers and digital entrepreneurs with an innovative approach where work and wellness meet.

We believe that beyond a functional and comfortable work space, practices such as Yoga and meditation help us get into a state of flow when we work. Thus allowing us to achieve more, faster and with ease. This is why we offer Surfasana classes and guided meditation sessions applied to work: to help all of us get into a state of flow, work better, faster and therefore less… with a smile.

Sustainably Yours

We strive to maintain a sustainable and diverse environment at The Lab. We pay a lot of attention to the origin of the products we use: from our recycled foam bean bags, to our compost bin and the bamboo-based cups we drink from, to our strong commitment in supporting Cabarete Sostenible.  

Cabarete Sostenible is a local NGO, started as an emergency response to the COVID19 crisis, and which provides emergency food relief, sustainable agriculture solutions, and professional and social development training to the neediest families in Cabarete. We are proud to be active volunteers in this mission.

Your Hosts

Annie Roquette

Director of Operations

“It is such a pleasure to be able to offer a place like the Surfasana Lab.

It brings me great joy to witness professionals who come here to learn optimal working techniques, focused, in a stress-free environment full of positive vibes. I believe the harmony and balance between work and flow can only be enhanced with practices such as meditation, yoga, and surfing!

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this brand new experience.”

For any questions, bookings and enquiries kindly contact me via WhatsApp at +1 829-873-5144 or via email at

Thierry Daher


“Welcome to the Surfasana Lab. Our intention behind creating this space is to offer a beautiful, relaxed and functional work environment to a small and diverse group of professionals in Cabarete, Dominicans and expats alike. A hub of positive energies where learning how to work differently also feels good. In other words, I built my dream office and now I am just sharing it with you ;-). See you soon.”

Green, Groovy and Easy

Located in the heart of Cabarete (enter at Ocean One), The Surfasana Lab is a short walk from the beach and from the main road. Central, yet quiet and private.

For upcoming events and classes, and/or to organize your next event, please contact us for rates and availability.

Note that due to health concerns, social distancing and space availability we only allow a limited number of events and attendees at this time.