Surfasana is an open and ever evolving practice that welcomes the participation of yoga, meditation, breath and movement teachers of varying kinds. 

Indeed, while we would love to invite you and your students to participate in one of our retreats, we also recognize that your relationship with your class, your teaching style and skills are unique, valuable and beautiful.

This is why we would like to offer you a (true) partnership: one that makes you money, integrates your practice and brings outstanding value and fun to you and your students.



Through the Surfasana practice – a vinyasa inspired flow – we cultivate body, energy and breath awareness, bringing the surfing experience to the mat.  

While our objective on the surface is to become better surfers, we also believe that this holistic approach positively affects how we ride the waves of life. 

If like us you believe the ocean can be enjoyed as a physical and spiritual playground, and that all yogis do benefit from taking their practice out of the studio, then we are aligned.



Being yogis ourselves we recognize the unique, deep and often spiritual link that ties a yoga instructor to her/his students.

We are also keen to learn from you and to have the Surfasana practice benefitting from your unique style and experience.

This is why we are offering you to bring your expertise, ideas and creativity into the organization of your Surfasana retreat. Play, build and teach with us (or just hang out on the beach and let us do all the work ;-). We will customize the day so you can bring your own practice into the schedule in the most natural way. Yet we will do most of the work. Promise!


Yet of course, there is no real partnership unless you make money in the process.

What we have in mind here is a simple exchange in which we will carry your travel, lodging, food (and really most other) expenses for you, and pay you a generous fee, for spending a week with us in the Caribbean with a group of 10 to 12 of your students.

If that sounds like something you would like to further explore…


Even though Surfasana is a practice originally designed to become a better surfer, we constantly cultivate body, energy and breath awareness. Taking a deep dive into movement in general.

How can we work with our bodies for increased performance? How do we disperse our energy and utilize our breath for movement as well as mental focus? This is all part of the Surfasana experience.

Our goal is to create a deep awareness, to still the mind and activate reflexes as well as to create muscle memory, while nourishing our bodies with whole, natural and delicious food for maximum enjoyment and performance.

In a retreat experience with us you can expect much more than the classic “flow class”: we will use games, workshops and “surf talks” to create a deeper awareness and curiosity of self.