A unique Yoga practice that weaves together asanas, surf moves and mindfulness, Surfasana is meant to build muscle memory by practicing on the mat the moves you will later take on the waves.

You will find below a few tutorials demonstrating the basic poses and flows that serve as the fundamentals of the Surfasana Practice.

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Surf stance is one of the first fundamental poses we practice in Surfasana. It reflects the basic surfer’s pose on the surf board after pop up (or take off).


Pop Up Prep

Pop up prep is the pose we repeat time and again in Surfasana. Unlike cobra in traditional yoga, hands are adjusted closer to the ribs, legs are up and a balancing movement allows you to gain momentum prior to popping up on your board.

Surf Salutation A


Surf Salutations are our version of the classic sun salutation. The Surf Salutation incorporates the exact movements we do on the board while popping up/taking off. Surf Salutation A is the first of a series of 3 surf salutations (A, Be and Sea) and is designed by incorporating the beginners take of moves that most beginners surfers practice when catching their first waves.

Surf Salutation Be


Surf Salutation Be is the second of the 3 surf salutations and incorporates the most common form of pop up practiced by intermediate surfers by dragging your feet in between your hands during take off. This flow also includes pop up preps (see above) and key balance poses.


Through yoga-inspired postures, meditation and breathwork, we emulate the mind-body-surf experience, allowing us to work on our surfing miles from the sea, and cultivate mindfulness in the waves.
Surfing creates the kind of bliss that keeps us going back for more. A crave to excel and continue feeling the stoke. It is also one of the sports with the tiniest increments of progress.

Which is one of the reasons why we have created Surfasana: to increase those increments of progress when out of the water, amongst other desirable side effects.

The benefits you may encounter include fast learning and/or improvement of your surfing abilities, safe movements and sequences, a powerful workout, greater awareness, toned muscles and flexible joints, and a big smile on your face.

Yet, beyond the physical, balance and breathwork that comes with this practice, the intention is also to foster a deep, spiritual connection between meditation, yoga and surfing.

We offer Surfasana practices in various formats:


  • Introduction to Surfasana (an in person and/or online workshop).
  • Surfasana class level I and II (an in person and/or online course).
  • Surfasana experience day (in conjunction with surfing & meditation lessons).
  • Surfasana private lessons (an in person and/or online course).