There is a moment…



A moment when your feet hit the board and you land in your Surf Stance. Maybe it’s not perfect, maybe your feet are too wide or too close or not quite on the spine of the board, but they are on there and you are riding a wave. This moment is related to almost no other sensation in the world. It is a moment and sensation that we want to help you attain. Because, once you do, you just might never stop seeking that perfect ride and in order to get to that “perfect ride” many things must be aligned. For now though let’s just work on our feet position and balance, our Surf Stance.






It’s time to talk SURF STANCE
Surf stance is something you will hear being queued repeatedly throughout the Surfasana flow.
So for those of us who aren’t surf pros we are going to take a minute to breakdown this fundamental posture.

Your surf stance is the position you land in after having popped up onto the board or your mat.
If you’re a “regular surfer” you will have your left foot forward and if you are a “goofy surfer” you will have your right foot forward.

Wherever you land, be it regular or goofy – you land with your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width distance apart, knees bent, and your chest leaning slightly forward.
Keeping your back arm up reaching away from your body and your front arm up elbow bent & hand close to your chest.

In general your body follows your gaze, so in your surf stance you want to be looking in the direction you’re traveling.














This is the basics of a standard surf stance.

As we advance our practice on the mat in and in the waves there will be alternating variables. For example bringing your weight forward to accelerate, back to slow down, onto your toes to ride front side, your heels to ride back side, and so on…

But we’ll get into all that later, for now let’s just work on this our standard SURF STANCE